Colour UMAP based on expression of multiple genes

Hi all,

I was just wondering if anybody had any experience with coloring something like a UMAP made in ggplot based on the expression of multiple genes at the same time? What I want to do is something like the blend function in Seurat featureplots, but with 3 genes / colors instead of 2.

I’m looking to make something like this:

Image 1

Where the colors for the genes combine where there is overlap.

What I’ve gotten to so far is

ggplot(FD, vars = c("UMAP_1", "UMAP_2", "FOSL2", "JUNB", "HES1"), aes(x = UMAP_1, y = UMAP_2, colour = FOSL2)) +
geom_point(size=0.3, alpha=1) +
scale_colour_gradientn(colours = c("lightgrey", colour1), limits = c(0, 0.3), oob = scales::squish) +
new_scale_color() +
geom_point(aes(colour = JUNB), size=0.3, alpha=0.7) +
scale_colour_gradientn(colours = c("lightgrey", colour2), limits = c(0.1, 0.2), oob = scales::squish) +
new_scale_color() +
geom_point(aes(colour = HES1), size=0.3, alpha=0.1) +
scale_colour_gradientn(colours = c("lightgrey", colour3), limits = c(0, 0.3), oob = scales::squish)

Where FD is a data frame containing the information from the seurat object for the UMAP coordinates and the expression levels of the three genes of interest. All I can get is a plot where the points from one layer obscure those below it, I’ve tried messing around with the colours, gradients, alpha and scales but I’m guessing I’m doing it the wrong way.

Image 2

If anyone knows of a way to make this work or has any suggestions on something else to try that would be very much appreciated.

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