Looking for volunteer positions

Looking for volunteer positions


I am a Bioinformaticians (specialized in genomics) working for the NHS in a training position (called STP). This program allows me to do up to 6 weeks of work in an external lab/company/whatever in the UK or abroad.

Some of my interests are programming, python, NGS, the private sector and research. I am looking for ideas or if you know a company or organization in which I could do this experience and can tell me that could be great.

I am not looking for a paid position, I would still be earning my salary from the NHS. However, I would not be able to go to countries or places with a high cost of living as I will still be paying all my usual expenses as well as paying for accommodation wherever I find a position.

Some ideal examples: a start-up, a lab … in Greece, Portugal, Italy etc.

I am open to any suggestion really.

If you want to know more about my STP I leave this link here:

And my CV




I am running erasmus+ (and other) projects in my institute. I know UK has dropped out of erasmus+ but I am sure they have set up an alternative and if they havent, bilaterals are easy anyway. I’ve had only good experience with UK universities so far (biotech all of them) and I have few interns in biotech scheduled already so hopefully there could be a team. PM me or comment for proceed

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