Sanity check his should never happen

Issues generating the annotated.eff.vcf file : Sanity check his should never happen



I am having a hard time deciphering the error associated with the vcf annotation file. I used the command: java -Xmx8g -jar snpEff.jar Tair10.1 /globalhome/cae453/HPC/sample6.vcf > /globalhome/cae453/HPC/sample6.eff.vcf

The output is
java.lang.RuntimeException: Sanity check: This should never happen!
at org.snpeff.interval.Gene.circularClone(
at org.snpeff.interval.Genes.createCircularGenes(
at org.snpeff.snpEffect.SnpEffectPredictor.buildForest(
at org.snpeff.SnpEff.loadDb(
at org.snpeff.SnpEff.main(

In the end, the eff.vcf file is empty

Previously, to perform the annotation I had to build a genome database (Tair10.1) executing the following command:

Building database java -jar snpEff.jar build -gtf22 -v Tair10.1. The database doesn’t have errors apparently:

Remove empty chromosomes:

    Marking as 'coding' from CDS information:
    Done: 48147 transcripts marked

I also tried building the database using GFF.file but appears more warning messages and error in the built database associated with Start and Stop codon. Even though when I use this database to perform the vcf file annotation the file is not empty but has a lot of WARNING_TRANSCRIPT_NO_START_CODON.

At this moment I don’t know how to fix the error associated with the empty vcf. file I will really appreciate any help that you can provide me.

Thank you!

Carlos Erazo



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