Looking to start a nanopore sequencing related project

Looking to start a nanopore sequencing related project


Hi, I am a master’s student in my last year of study and I need to do a project before I graduate. I want to do something with nanopore sequencing, and I’ve been in contact with a faculty on campus about this. She wanted me to do some research to come up with a research topic, but I am struggling with this. However, I do know that I would be interested in doing some variant calling or genome assembly stuff. Preferably, I do want to be able to combine both wet-lab bench work and dry-lab data analyses. I also have experience with machine learning and computer vision, so I do hope that I can use that in my project somehow. But most importantly, I need to have this done by the time I graduate in June. Does anyone have any advice on how to choose a feasible topic? Thank you so much for your help!

TL;DR looking for some directions for a feasible nanopore sequencing-related project that can be done before I graduate in June.






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