My “Ask a Question” post has been flagged as spam

My “Ask a Question” post has been flagged as spam – it is not



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United States

I recently posted a question under the Ask a question option. However, after posting, it was immediately flagged as spam. It is not. I really do need help downloading a package. This was the automated e-mail I got:

Your post titled: Installing DESEq2 Error: unable to access index for repository has been flagged as spam by a machine learning algorithm.

In the vast majority of cases the spam detection works correctly, but occasionally it may misfire and label legitimate content as spam. We apologize if that is the case. Moderators often restore incorrectly misclassified posts within a short period of time.
Please contact the site manager to correct the issue if necessary.

The message I got told me to contact a site manager.

I don’t know who the site manager is or how to contact them as there isn’t a link or further directions on how to get a hold of this site-manager. Can anyone guide me to the proper channels?



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