Server denied on SRA download

Server denied on SRA download


Hey guys, I’m having some problem recently regarding downloading some .fastq files from SRA.

I’m trying to download from the command line as following (for example, inside a bash script as in the model of

curl -L -o Pt35_On_RNA-Seq_1.fastq.gz

The problem is that it returns: curl: (9) Server denied you to change to the given directory for some random files inside the script. But when I run the command again (removing the ones that have been downloaded), It starts downloading normal again (even the ones that this error appeared before) and again giving the error to some random files.

Have someone gone through this recently?

I have already downloaded some files from SRA before using the same script, but today is the first time that this happened, even for two different experiments that I tried.


EDIT: Even when trying only one command alone, It sometimes gives the error and eventually runs, as showed in this image. I have run the commands in sequence witout changing nothing.

The same command





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