3D Printed model of DNA-Sequencing Nanopore

DNA sequencing has revolutionized the study of biology. Its latest iteration – Nanopore sequencing, is rapidly developing due to the low cost of the device itself and the wide applicability of the technology.  The 3D printed model is a great addition to any lectures on sequencing with protein nanopores. The model itself is consists of a nanopore (PDB ID 6si7), the bacteriophage phi29 DNA polymerase (PDB ID 1xhz), and a piece of DNA. The nanopore and polymerase are sliced in half and have locations for magnets, while the DNA is printed in flexible TPU. The whole complex can be assembled and disassembled really easily. Got my inspiration from the PDB 101 Molecule of the Month page. All files required for 3D printing the model, including instructions on how to print it, are freely available on NIH 3D Print Exchange Server.

animated assembly of dna-sequencing nanopore
The DNA-sequencing nanopore model can be assembled and disassembled really easily with the help of magnets.   

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