How do I upload my Ancestry raw dna?

Hello Tyrone,

Thank you for indicating in WikiTree that you have tested with AncestryDNA.  Please register at ‪‬ and follow GEDmatch’s instructions to upload your AncestryDNA results there.  Or see step by step instructions at  This video also shows how:

Uploading to GEDmatch will allow you to find matches with relatives who tested with 23andMe, Family Tree DNA (Family Finder), MyHeritage DNA, and Living DNA.  

Then enter your GEDmatch ID on your DNA Tests page at

Adding your GEDmatch ID to WikiTree will automatically associate your autosomal DNA with your ancestry in WikiTree.  Please select your gender so WikiTree can properly associate your X chromosome inheritance.

These videos show some of the benefits of adding your GEDmatch ID to WikiTree:

Since you are male, AncestryDNA results can also provide an estimate of your Y-DNA haplogroup. Then if you add your Y haplogroup under Other Y-DNA test information, WikiTree will automatically associate your Y haplogroup with your direct paternal line.  See

Sincerely, Peter

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