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Machine Learning Engineer of Acroquest became 40th place in “Kaggle” worldwide

Hiroki Yamamoto, a machine learning engineer of Acroquest Technology Co., Ltd., participated in Kaggle competitions hosted by Google, “Google Landmark Retrieval 2021” and “Google Landmark Recognition 2021,” and achieved a Gold Medal in “Google Landmark Retrieval 2021”. This Gold Medal puts Yamamoto in the 40th place out of all the Kaggle competitors in the world (168,892 competitors as of 10/13).

Yamamoto and his team participated in Kaggle competitions hosted by Google, “Google Landmark Retrieval 2021” and “Google Landmark Recognition 2021” which were held to 2021/10/2. 

Kaggle competition “Google Landmark” uses images of landmarks (a building or place that is easily recognized or is considered especially important and is divided into Recognition and Retrieval. 

In “Google Landmark Recognition 2021”, you are instructed to answer which landmark is in an image, and there are similar APIs such as “Face Detection” and “Object Detection”. In “Google Landmark Retrieval 2021”, you are instructed to find images that have same landmark as the input image. These competitions are held every year starting from 2018, and 2021 was the 4th competition.

Image searching technologies are used in “Google Landmark” and it is required to train with 4,100,000 images in 2021 competition. Each year, the competitors haved to experiment with solutions with higher accuracy.

Yamamoto, Grandmaster in Kaggle, and his team participated in these competitions and got 5th place in Retrieval Track and 12th place in Recognition Track. Yamamoto achieved Gold Medal in Retrieval Track. As a result, Yamamoto became in the 40th place in Kaggle World Ranking (out of 168,892 competitors) and presented about the solution in ICCV2021 Workshop.


Acroquest will continue to improve our technology in machine learning and data analysis in order to solve our customers’ problems and create better services.

・Google Landmark Retrieval 2021

・Google Landmark Recognition 2021

Kaggle is a worldwide prediction modeling and analysis platform operated by Google. Companies and researchers post their data on Kaggle and data analysts from around world are competing to create the best model for the data.
About Kaggle…

There are five performance tiers in Kaggle that start with Novice, move on to Contributor, Expert, Master, and finally to Grandmaster.

The Kaggle Grandmaster is the best of the best in Kaggle! After all, this is the top of the pyramid when it comes to the Competitions, Notebooks, Datasets, or Discussions. So if you are joining Kaggle, you should aim to be Grandmaster. However, it’s not easy to reach this position

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