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This repository contains material for the European Bioconductor annual conference. View the conference web site

  1. Make sure Hugo is installed. Check hugo version
  1. Clone the repository and switch to it
git clone
cd EuroBioC2022/
  1. Run hugo
rm -rf public; hugo --verbose; hugo server --disableFastRender --verbose

and view the results at localhost:1313/

  1. Host your site on Netlify, as described here. Use build command hugo, publish directory public, and set advanced variable HUGO_VERSION to your hugo version number, e.g., 0.76.5

Created using modified hugo-universal-theme. See the demo web site, the original github repository and the exampleSite files. Template by Bootstrapious. Ported to Hugo by DevCows. The theme is added as selected files, not as a submodule, for easier modification.

  • Make partials for current news. Currently, they are added directly to layouts/index.html

  • Make schedule as a partial, populated from config.toml. Example – hugo-conference theme.

New template

gdg-x/zeppelin – original conference template, GDG DevFest – demo web site. bcc2020/ – modified conference template for the BCC2020 conference


European Bioconductor conference website 2022



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