Kaggle: Hands On Machine Learning , Sun, Oct 17, 2021, 2:00 PM

Note: below is what we will return to once the pandemic is over. Until then, we are online only.

Not a tutorial session and will be not be led by anyone. We have consistently seen better results when people self-organize around common interests or skill levels. Guided materials are provided in Slack ask anyone to be added.

First Time Checklist:
– Bring a laptop or you won’t have anything to do
– Public transportation / parking and finding us is part of the experience and a test of your intelligence
– Know python or start learning it
– Register for kaggle, unless you are more advanced and are networking
– Skim forums and code in the first project that people use to get acquainted www.kaggle.com/c/titanic
– Arrive, meet some people, find or start the table that will be doing titanic
– Later you can decide if you will engage in the weekly fast.ai conversations

More Settled In:
– Provide moral support and company during online independent study
– Start playing around in another kaggle competition and encourage others to join you
– Swap notes on good courses, academic programs, links for learning
– Apply code used in past kaggle competitions on a custom dataset that interests you
– Meet people working advanced side projects
– Already professionally established and learning something new

Some people will come and go, as they just want to see what all this “ai” buzz is about. There are also a handful of usual suspects, who are studying and working side projects – come and say “hi”!

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