Error with Treemix input file

Error with Treemix input file


Hi everyone.
I’m trying to run Treemix, I just installed it and a new conda environment (cause I read that sometimes it has problems with other programs’ dependencies).
I had a vcf filtered file and using Stacks I generated the treemix input file.

populations -V file.vcf --treemix -O Treemix_Out -M populmap.txt

My problem is that when I run the following (in a gz file)

treemix -i file.vcf.gz -root OUT -m 3 -o trmx_out

This error appears:

ERROR: Line 0 has 6 entries. Header has 8

I visually checked the gz file from Stacks and it only has 6 populations, that means 6 entries in the header. I don’t know how could I fix it.
Hope someone can help me.

EDIT: I solved it, it was a silly mistake. Turns out I wasn’t considering that in the first line Stacks writes information about the version of Stacks and Treemix, and there were exactly 8 items in that sentence. I just erase the first line and everything worked fine.




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