GRADSA Buddy Walk WBKR Yard Party Happens Friday

We have a fun and flavorful WBKR Yard Party planned for Friday. Ahead of Saturday’s Buddy Walk, GRADSA will be on hand serving chili boxed lunches. Here’s what’s on the menu.

There’s nothing better in the fall when the air is crisp than to have a hot bowl of chili. I love a good bowl of chili and I make it often during this time of the year. I don’t use noodles, just a lot of meat, and spice. It wasn’t until I moved to the south that I’d even heard of putting noodles in chili, or a chili roll for that matter. We all get to get our chili fix on Friday and I’m super excited! It’s another WBKR Yard Party sponsored by TTMA.

Green River Area Down Syndrome Association WBKR Yard Party

It’s going to be a beautiful fall day on the WBKR parking lot when the team at GRADSA rolls in. Come join us for lunch on Friday, October 22nd, 2021. They’ll have $5 lunches up for grabs between 11 AM and 1 PM, or until it’s all gone! You’ll get a large cup of chili, crackers and a drink to enjoy. Just by stopping by for lunch, you’ll be supporting the beautiful work of GRADSA. They do so much for the community and deserve our support. Who doesn’t love a fall party of fun!

Pre-Order Your Box Lunch

If you can’t leave work you can always pre-order for your employees. Just call Tiffany at 479-223-1234 today. Delivery is FREE on orders of ten or more.
Thank you goes out to Bakos Party Rentals for providing the tables and chairs for the event!

GRADSA Buddy Walk

Have you registered yet? You’ll be able to register for the GRADSA Buddy Walk sponsored by Independence Bank when you grab some lunch. The walk will be held on Saturday, October 23rd, 2021, and will happen at the McConnell Plaza on the Riverfront starting at 9 AM.

We enable families enriched with the Down syndrome connection to share resources, build friendships, and advocate together for the future of individuals with Down syndrome.”

There’s even an event after the Buddy Walk!

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