Postdoctoral Fellow (Biological Sciences – 93970
Organization: JG-Joint Genome Institute

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBL, Joint Genome Institute (JGI, Division has an opening for a Postdoctoral Fellow (Biological Sciences) to join the Vogel lab.

In this exciting role, you will perform research on plant-microbe interactions with an emphasis on developing and using novel high-resolution ultra-sensitive label-free nonlinear optical microscopy imaging techniques to characterize interactions at cellular and subcellular resolution. The work will be conducted in close collaboration with the Ji lab at UC Berkeley which is developing the microscopy techniques. Responsibilities include identifying applications for these new techniques that will inform our understanding of the interaction between plants and their microbiomes. The main experimental platform will consist of small, enclosed ecosystems (EcoFABs, that allow for complete control of the microbiome, non-destructive imaging, and media sampling. This position will store and organize results for presentation and viewing by project team members and the wider scientific community and prepare results for publication in scientific journals. For more information contact John Vogel

What You Will Do:
• Identify use cases that use the new microscopy techniques.
• Perform experiments that provide insight into the interaction …

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