‘I’m deeply concerned,’ Fears raised over possible deferral of surrogacy legislation

Rosanna Davison is one of many parents to speak out against the strict laws in place for Irish famillies who have experienced surrogacy. 

This week, the Sunday Business Post reported that the Irish Government was considering a deferral of the ‘international dimension’ of the assisted human reproductive bill due to ‘international legal difficulties’

Rosanna Davison has been open and honest about her struggle to conceive a child and revealed she suffered 15 miscarriages since 2016.

She welcomed her first child Sophia with her partner Wes Quirke through surrogacy at the end of 2019. 

Speaking about the possible deferral of the legislation, Rosanna said, surrogacy is physically, mentally & financially draining. It’s usually the last/only option for an individual/couple to have a child.

“The heartbreaking reality is that I’m not legally recognized as Sophia’s mother like I am to my twins, yet I am her biological mother. I can apply to be her legal guardian from age 2 to 18, but after that, I’m a legal stranger to her” she added. 

Rosanna is concerned that she is not considered Sophia’s mother on medical consent forms, and worries that she cannot consent to vaccinations or blood tests for her daughter. 

Speaking openly on her Instagram today, Rosanna said: “I’ve felt compelled to make this statement today about my family and to share how this potential legislation affects my children and many others. It is so important for their future.”

Rosanna hopes the Government are ‘listening to every parent who speaks out on behalf of their children’

Podcaster Georgie Crawford recently spoke about her surrogacy experience on Instagram and called on the Government to ‘provide a pathway to parenthood via international surrogacy.’

Georgie said she will not be recognized as her own child’s mother despite her child having her DNA.

“For the first two years, I will have no legal relationship to my child, at which point I can apply to become a guardian,” she added.

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