The origins and spread of domestic horses from the Western Eurasian steppes

  • Designed, conceived and coordinated the study: L.O. Provided samples, reagents and material: A. Perdereau, J.-M.A., B.S., A.A.T., A.A.K., S.A., A.H.A., K.A.S.A.-R., T. Seregély, L.K., R.I., O.B.-L., P.B., M.O., J.-C.C., M.B.-M., N.A., M.G., M.M.-d.H., J.W., S.P., A.L.-K., K. Tunia, M.N., E.R., U.S., G. Boeskorov, L.L., R.K., L.P., A. Bălășescu, V. Dumitrașcu, R.D., D.G., V.K., A.S.-N., B.G.M., Z.G., K.S., G.K., E.G., R.B., M.E.A., G.S., V. Dergachev, H.S., N.T., S.G., A. Kasparov, A.E.B., M.A.A., P.A.N., E.Y.P., V.P., G. Brem, B.W., C.S., M.K., K. Kitagawa, A.N.B., A. Bessudnov, W.T., J.M., J.-O.G., J.B., D.E., K. Tabaldiev, E.M., B.B., T.T., M.P., S.O., C.A.M., S.V.L., S.A.C., A.N.E., M.P.I., J.L.G., E.R.G., S.C., C.O., J.L.A., N. Kotova, A. Pryor, P.C., R.Z., A.T., N.L.M., T.K., D.L., M. Marzullo, O.P., G.B.G., U.T., B.C., S.L., H.D., M. Mashkour, N.Y.B., P.W.S., J.K., W.H., A.M.-M., N.B., M.H., A. Ludwig, A.S.G., J.P., K.Y.K., T.-O.I., N.A.B., S.K.V., N.N.S., K.V.C., N.A.P., G.F.B., E.P., M.S., E.A., A. Logvin, I.S., V. Logvin, S.K., V. Loman, I.K., I.M., V.M., S. Sakenov, V.V., E.U., V.Z., B.A., A.B.B., A. Kalmykov, S.R., S.H., A.I.Y., A.A.V., A.E., N.S.B., N.R., P.A.K., P.F.K., D. Anthony, G.J.K., K. Kristiansen, P.W., A.O. and L.O. Performed radiocarbon dating: J.S. Performed wet-lab work: N. Kahn, A. Fages, M.A.K., T. Suchan, L.T.-C., S. Schiavinato, A.F., A. Perdereau, C.G., L.C., A.S.-O and C.D.S., with input from L.O. Analysed genomic data: P.L. and L.O. Analysed uniparental markers: D. Alioglu, with input from P.L. and L.O. Prepared the linguistic index: G.J.K. Interpreted data: P.L. and L.O., with input from B.A., S.R., S.H., D. Anthony, G.J.K., K. Kristiansen and A.O. Wrote the article: L.O., with input from P.L., B.A., S.R., S.H., D. Anthony, G.J.K., K. Kristiansen, A.O. and all co-authors. Wrote the Supplementary Information: P.L., A. Fages, G.J.K. and L.O., with input from all co-authors.

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    Ludovic Orlando.

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