Cereal Bioinformatics Specialist at The James Hutton Institute

The Vacancy

This is a three-year ‘tenure track’ post: in the third year, if there is a business case and the candidate meets relevant academic criteria, the contract will be made indefinite.

The work undertaken by The James Hutton Group is right at the top of the global agenda tackling problems such as the impact of climate change and threats to food and water security. The Information & Computational Sciences Department (ICS) comprises a wide portfolio of skills, working at a range of scales from molecular to global. The department exploits expertise in bioinformatics, geoinformatics, data science, risk assessment and integrated complex systems modelling, as well as research computing and high-performance computing.

The International Barley Hub (IBH) is an initiative seeking to create a platform for the translation of barley research into economic, social, environmental, and commercial impacts for the breeding, farming, malting, brewing, feed, food, health, and related industries. ICS are contributing to the IBH in a variety of ways, including bioinformatics.

We are seeking a collaborative and motivated Cereals Bioinformatician to join our world-class team developing and applying bioinformatics pipelines and analyses. The ideal candidate will be a team player, who loves to see the application of science to stakeholder-led challenges, pays attention to detail, interacts well with colleagues, and gets a thrill out of working together in interdisciplinary teams.

The main purpose of this post is the analysis of high-throughput sequencing data (second and third generation sequencing, i.e., Illumina, PacBio and Oxford Nanopore data) from barley and potentially other cereals, predominantly in a variomics/genomics context. The nature of this post is cross-project and highly collaborative, and will involve regular, frequent interaction with groups of scientists from the institute but also collaborators at both the national and international level. Applicants will be expected to have experience of analysing high-throughput sequencing data, to be fluent in at least one programming language, and to have good skills in data visualization and high-performance computing. Excellent communication skills are a must due to the collaborative nature of this post. Previous experience of working with large genomes, in particular cereals, would be an added advantage.

The post requires a Ph.D. in a relevant subject, such as bioinformatics or plant biology with a demonstrable track record in presentation and publication of their work.

This post is based in Invergowrie, near Dundee but there could be opportunities for home working, as well as a requirement to travel between Hutton sites. The post may also include international travel to attend conferences and/or project collaboration meetings.

For further information please read the detailed job description or contact Dr Rupert Hough for an informal discussion at rupert.hough@hutton.ac.uk

Note: Due to potential COVID-19 restrictions it is possible that interviewing of candidates will be held remotely. You should therefore ensure you have access to a broadband connection and ideally a PC or laptop.

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