A list of human cell cycle genes for Seurat

A list of human cell cycle genes for Seurat



First of all I apologize if this question has already been asked. I googled the hell out it but couldn’t find any help.

So my exact question is: where can I get a list of human cell cycle genes (the more recent the better) with annotations to which part of the cycle they belong to, so that I could use them in Seurat::CellCycleScoring
In the vignette they are using mouse genes and if I try to use those genes on my data I get only one of my cells assigned to G2M and the rest are S (1 out of 500!)- so basically it doesn’t work.
I can use SCRAN package’s Cyclone function just fine but principle there seems to be a bit different so I can’t just copy the cell cycle info from there to Seurat package.
I also found 2-3 pages/databases with lists of cell cycle genes (KEGG for example) but it’s just a list of genes and I have no idea which one’s are G1/G1/M/S.
Has anyone tried using Seurat::CellCycleScoring on human data? How did you do it?

Thank you!


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