Richland Cat Bully has Neighboring Pets Fearing for Their 9 Lives

Well, I’m a cat lover and even I have mixed feelings about this one. It seems that Pat M. has an issue with a bully cat that has wreaked havoc with the pet dog. According to the app, Nextdoor:

Neighborhood cat… IS THIS YOUR CAT???????This large long haired cat has been coming around for over a year and it attacked my little dog 2 times in the past week, it attacked her right outside the doggie door and last night it chased and attacked her when she was out going pottie..good thing I was standing by the open sliding door and yelled at it. Maybe whoever owns this beautiful bully cat will take care of it after paying to get it out of the shelter.

There is nothing worse than someone else’s pet coming to take over your yard. Poor Pat. Poor pup. Our pets should have free reign of OUR yards. I love that neighbors are sympathetic. They reached out to Pat.

It’s also my hope that we can get this bully kitty back home where he/she belongs. I will say this. I reached out to Pat M. and have not heard anything back. It also seems that the post was taken down. **And, when I checked the date of the photo, it was 12/20…FYI.

Please keep your eyes peeled for this feline. Let’s get them home.

Do you recognize this furry monster? Do you know where he or she belongs?

It was just a few days ago that we heard about a person shooting cats with a bb-gun.

Please folks. Keep your cats indoors. If you know where this cat belongs, please tell the owner. I hope this was NOT a threat to the bully cat.

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