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Job Description

The Escobar-Hoyos lab is looking for a highly motivated full-time, graduate- or post-graduate level member to take part in our computational analyses in RNA splicing. We are a cancer research group at the Yale School of Medicine seeking to understand mechanisms of RNA splicing in lung and pancreatic cancer tumorigenesis and aggression. We conduct routine RNA sequencing of patient tumor samples, mouse model tumors, and cancer cell lines to better understand splicing in the context of cancer. In tandem with our own data, we also conduct analyses of publicly available patient datasets and experimental data to validate our hypotheses. To this end, we would like to recruit an additional staff member with a passion in bioinformatics to further develop our analytical pipelines.

The ideal candidate will have obtained a masters or PhD degree in the fields of biology, biostatistics or bioinformatics with extensive background knowledge in R studio and command line as well as concepts of molecular biology. Prior coursework and publications relevant to bioinformatics or biostatistics are also highly regarded. As part of our lab, the candidate will receive extensive training on biostatistical analyses of patient data, as well as the entire repertoire of RNA-seq analyses from handling raw sequencing files to data visualization. We ask for candidates to be able to devote at least a full year of full-time work (40 hours per week) to the projects and will require them to attend weekly lab meetings and regular smaller project meetings. Most of all, we are looking for highly motivated individuals who have a passion to work at the intersection between biology and computer science. This position could be discussed as a Bioinformatics Postgraduate Associate or as a Postdoctoral Associate, depending on the candidate’s training and immigration status. In person is not required but preferred.

If you are interested, please email your CV to If you have conducted a prior project in bioinformatics as part of another research experience or course and have publications or any form of written reports, please feel free to share as well. This will not only help us get to know you but also allow you to demonstrate your computational abilities. Candidates that are viewed favorably will be invited for interviews with lab members.

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