Discrepancy between samtools bedcov and pysam.count

I’m writing a new version of a tool and I’m trying to implement some functionality using pysam that was previously implemented using samtools bedcov.

For example, here is a sample output of samtools bedcov test.bed tcga_test.bam -Q 50:

chr19   50858094    50858095    64004

chr19   50858128    50858129    63170

chr19   50858162    50858163    51889

To calculate the coverage I’ve been using the pysam function AlignmentFile.count in the following way:

import pysam

def read_check(read):
    if read.flag & (0x4 | 0x100 | 0x200 | 0x400): # FUNMAP,FSECONDARY,FQCFAIL,FDUP
        return False
    elif read.mapping_quality <= 50:
        return False
        return True

bamfile = pysam.AlignmentFile('tcga_test.bam')
bamfile.count('chr19', start = 50858094, stop = 50858095, read_callback = read_check)
bamfile.count('chr19', start = 50858128, stop = 50858129, read_callback = read_check)
bamfile.count('chr19', start = 50858162, stop = 50858163, read_callback = read_check)

From this I get


samtools bedcov is filtering the first region in some way I don’t see. The difference here seems to be an edge case–I only run into it one or two times processing large BAM files, approx 1% of cases I test. I originally thought the difference may be due to filtering of overlapping read pairs. The code I used to test this was:

read_set = set()
for read in bamfile.fetch('chr19', start, start + 1):
    read_set.add(read.query_name) if read_check(read) else None

But I get:


So clearly samtools bedcov is not doing this type of filtering, though maybe my code doesn’t work. From what I understand, samtools bedcov uses samtools mpileup to count the reads. I tried to test all the ways mpileup could filter reads but I haven’t come up with anything that explains the difference in the small number of cases I come across.

BAM example

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