Global BioImaging – External Relations Manager job with EMBL

The Euro-BioImaging Bio-Hub team hosted by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is seeking a highly motivated international relations professional to manage the Global BioImaging network ( and lead its sustainable development.

Global BioImaging (GBI) is a growing international network of imaging infrastructures and communities, founded in 2015 and coordinated by EMBL. Global BioImaging connects under the same umbrella organization 11 international partners all over the world, representing their respective country or region: Euro-BioImaging ERIC, Japan’s Advanced Bioimaging Support, Microscopy Australia, Australia’s National Imaging Facility, Mexico’s National Laboratory for Advanced Microscopy, South Africa BioImaging, India BioImaging Consortium, Singapore Microscopy Infrastructure Network, BioImaging North America, Canada BioImaging and Latin America Bioimaging. Together, these infrastructures and communities are committed to strengthening bioimaging research globally, via open access to cutting edge instrumentation, training and data as well as by building a strong case towards science funders and stakeholders that imaging technologies and research infrastructures are key for the advancement of the life sciences.

In practice, Global BioImaging provides an international forum for communication, cooperation as well as training in imaging technologies and core facility management. Via its Working Groups, it prepares international recommendations and white papers on topics of key relevance for the bioimaging community at large, such as data management, impact of imaging facilities and quality management. Via its events, it brings the community together and provides a platform for enhanced collaboration while speaking with one voice both towards the scientific community and the policy makers.

Global BioImaging is currently funded by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) in the framework of its imaging program ( Global BioImaging aims at growing its activities, enlarging its worldwide representation, enhancing its impact and implementing a strategy to put in place a self-sustainable administrative framework within the end of 2023.

Your role

In the framework of Global BioImaging’s continuous growth, we are seeking an experienced external relations and project management professional to join the Euro-BioImaging Bio-Hub team at the EMBL in Heidelberg as External Relations Manager for the Global BioImaging network. She/he will work in close collaboration with the international Euro-BioImaging Bio-Hub team and the Global BioImaging partners listed above.

The responsibilities of this position include:

  • Maintaining and strengthening strategic interactions and communication with existing international partners
  • Expanding relations to communities in other geographical areas and onboarding new partners (e.g., in Africa, Brazil, Chile, Korea, Taiwan)
  • Developing a model for a long-term sustainable Global BioImaging network in close collaboration with our international partners and funders
  • Exploring sustainable funding mechanisms and routes to support the activities of the Global BioImaging network
  • Connecting Global BioImaging with other scientific initiatives as well as with political ones, at the aim of increasing the network’s visibility and promoting its evolution as a global player in bioimaging research
  • Reporting results to the Director of the Euro-BioImaging ERIC Bio-Hub as well as to EMBL’s leadership.

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