Turkish results and gedmatch. Should I be ignoring the 0.7% Eastern European? I’m confused since it’s higher in Gedmatch. : 23andme

First off thanks for the information! Secondly, to answer your question, I was born in Ankara, it’s in Central Anatolia. However, my maternal grandmother is from İzmir, the Aegean coast of Anatolia.

She was born in İzmir but her parents were from a small village in Lesvos. They moved to Turkey within the population exchange between Greece & Turkey, so I suspected possible Greek ancestry since this was known in the family and some elders knew Greek but didn’t expect this much, to be honest, lol.

It’s a similar story for people with Bulgarian ancestry, the Ottoman Empire used to place Anatolians to new places they captured, as the Empire fell many Muslims fleed to Turkey, some were still Anatolian, some were mixed with locals and some were local converts to Islam. I’m not a historian but hope this helps!

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