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DNA Sequencing services

Capillary Electrophoresis Sequencing 

CES analyses DNA sequences using Big Dye chemistry (Sanger Sequencing) and the ABI 3730xl analyser. CES can be performed either in individual PCR tubes or in 96 well plates for high throughput sequencing. The reaction can be conducted using both universal as well as custom made primers. The method is commonly used to sequence relatively shorter fragments of DNA for variety of purposes.

Sequencing of PCR products and plasmid

CES is generally used for sequencing of PCR products and plasmid DNA up to 1,000 bp in length. A special CES service is also available for the ‘difficult sequencing’ such as high GC rich DNA, homopolymers, repetitive sequences and those with strong secondary structures.

In addition, we accept the unamplified DNA and unprocessed biological samples for sequencing services. We also undertake to sequence PCR products containing nonspecific bands. Upon request, post sequence analysis (sequence alignments, phylogenetic tree construction, genome annotation etc.) services are also available to help the researchers interpret the results.

Sequencing bacterial and fungal colonies

16S r-RNA gene sequencing is a common method used to identify bacterial species. As per the customer requirement, we undertake to sequence different length options up to 1400 bp.  For the sequencing of fungal colonies, we provide three options: 18S rRNA gene (> 1,600 bp guaranteed), 26S rRNA gene (> 1,300 bp guaranteed) and ITS region (> 500 bp guaranteed). We also offer post-sequencing analysis services to assist species identification.

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