Gromacs: gmx::CommandLineCommonOptionsHolder Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void  initOptions ()   Initializes the common options.   bool  finishOptions ()   Finishes option parsing. More…  
void  adjustFromSettings (const CommandLineModuleSettings &settings)   Adjust defaults based on module settings.  
Optionsoptions ()   Returns the internal Options object.  
const BinaryInformationSettingsbinaryInfoSettings () const   Returns the settings for printing startup information.  
bool  shouldIgnoreActualModule () const   Returns true if common options are set such that the wrapper binary should quit, without running the actual module.  
bool  shouldShowHelp () const   Returns whether common options specify showing help.  
bool  shouldShowHidden () const   Returns whether common options specify showing hidden options in help.  
bool  shouldBeQuiet () const   Returns whether common options specify quiet execution.  
bool  shouldBackup () const   Returns whether backups should be made.  
int  niceLevel () const   Returns the nice level.  
bool  enableFPExceptions () const   Returns whether floating-point exception should be enabled.  
int  debugLevel () const   Returns the debug level.  
FILE *  startupInfoFile () const   Returns the file to which startup information should be printed.  

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