Single Cell Bioinformatics Scientist job with Scale Biosciences, Inc.

Scale Biosciences, Inc. (ScaleBio) is an early-stage life science tools company developing single-cell sequencing and spatial solution offerings for the research and clinical application markets. The Company’s patented and demonstrated technology and split-pool and combinatorial indexing based methods enable researchers and clinicians to conduct high-throughput, low cost, multi-modal and multi-omics profiling of cells. The Company technology is both compatible with and independent of on-market single-cell droplet and well systems.

The Company is seeking passionate, driven bioinformatics sciences and/or computational biology professional to join our assay research and product development team. In this role, reporting to our Director of Assay and Protocol Development, you will develop data analysis, visualization and interpretation algorithms, tools and software for single cell assays in support of multiple applications across multiple fields of study. You will have relevant experience in developing primary, secondary and tertiary analysis and interpretation software to enable end users to gain insights from their experiments.

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