Mammoths and large animals from the Ice Age lived longer than previously thought.

Mammoths and other large Ice Age animals such as the woolly rhinoceros survived longer than scientists thought, coexisting for tens of thousands of years with humans before disappearing forever. This conclusion was made possible after the results of an ambitious research project, which for ten years analyzed the DNA of hundreds of soil samples found throughout the Arctic.

Scientists involved in the project collected 535 samples of permafrost and sediments from frozen lakes in 73 extremely cold locations where the mammoth genetic materials were found in Siberia, Alaska, Canada and Scandinavian countries.

DNA analysis showed that mammoths lived in mainland Siberia 3,900 years ago — after the great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was built and the megaliths of Sotenehenge were erected. Most mammoths had died about 10,000 years ago, except for a very small population that survived on remote islands throughout Siberia.

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