Covarage X not per base coverage. As a whole


Before anyone marks this post as “duplicated” from this post.

This post and plotCoverage from deeptools, gives us the mean coverage ( or coverage) per base. Thus, if I want a coverage, like 100X, which is typically for WES, ( I am trying to replicate results that effectively give 100X) from a quality- filter with removed duplicates.

Also, I have tried to cover the exon regions from the primary assembly, however, these results give me ~ 17 Coverage.

How can I convert whis per base mean coverage, to give me 100X more or less ?

Furthermore, plotCoverage, plots a log-like distribution, however, the results I want to obtain follows a normal distribution, with a mean of 100X

It has to be mentioned that this plot is in percetange region.

enter image description here

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