How to convert a bcf file to vcf with bcftools?

How to convert a bcf file to vcf with bcftools?


I’ve been following the guide on the Tracy website for looking at variants in some Sanger sequences I have:

I’ve now generated the bcf files, and it says I can convert these to vcf using bcftools. How do I do this? I checked the bcftools manual, and there’s a general guide to each of the commands, but it’s still not clear what I actually need to write to make a vcf from my bcf file, and I can’t find a clear explanation online either.

I tried the following:

bcftools convert -O v -o outfilename.vcf inputfilename.bcf

Which gave me a file with .vcf at the end but IGV isn’t able to read it. I also tried using igvtools to generate an index file (which it did), but still IGV gives me “error loading outputfilename.vcf null” and doesn’t show anything on the track.

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