Molecular Weight vs LogP, what does it tell us?

Molecular Weight vs LogP, what does it tell us?


I’m following Bioinformatics Project from Scratch video series by DataProfessor on youtube. At one point, a scatter plot comparing molecular weight and octanol/water partition coefficient (LogP) was created.

I’m not sure what deductions can be made from such comparison as no reasoning was given in the video. Any ideas?

Link for scatter plot, mark in video–>16:50




I don’t think you can necessarily ‘deduce’ anything specific from this (unless there is some relationship between size and lipophilicity I’m not aware of).

I assume all this is really is just a toy example to play with scatter plots of different biophysical properties. I have done similar things in the past to compare e.g. mass vs isoelectric point.

LogP is basically a measure of how lipophilic/phobic a protein is.

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