Senior Bioinformatician


Our purpose is to help medical research progress 10x faster, and we’re looking for a Senior Bioinformatician to take our growth to the next level.

You’ll love the mission-driven environment of a growing start up and have the drive to take significant ownership in developing genomic data analysis pipelines and reports for precision medicine clinical research studies. You’ll have strong experience in in genetic data analysis in a clinical or research setting.

About Sano Genetics

Sano matches those with medical conditions with opportunities to contribute to research, via our unique online platform. We also provide personalised medical insights, information and recommendations. The platform is private-by-design. We feel strongly that people should be in full control of their sensitive health data and choose who can access it.

Taking part in research is currently hard to do and a poor experience for the patient. Finding out about opportunities is haphazard, and there is often little meaningful return for those who take the time and care to get involved. The result is that organisations with cutting edge theories and medicines to test, can’t find the right patients to work with. To discover cures for the diseases that affect us and our families, we need to enable people to contribute to medical science, effortlessly and on their own terms. We founded Sano to enable medical research that is data-driven and puts patients at the centre of the experience.

Our current focus is on neurological and immune conditions (Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Long COVID amongst others).

A vital part of our offer is free at-home DNA testing. Each patient can then share their genetic data with the studies they wish to contribute to just through a few clicks. In this way, researchers can reach many people who wouldn’t be able to travel, globally, and run their studies much faster and at lower cost.

Today, the Sano platform is helping thousands of people connect to relevant research projects including clinical trials which are testing new medicines.

Over the next year, we are expanding our product to be a ‘patient portal’ for national scale precision medicine initiatives such as Genomics England, with the goal of impacting millions of people.

We are a team of 22 people today, so this is an exceptional chance to join early in our journey to help define our culture, and the company’s mission.

What you will be working on

You will work with the CTO and CEO, and tech team which encompasses software engineers, designers, and bioinformatics engineers. You will be responsible for developing genomic data analysis pipelines to analyse whole genome, exome, and genotype array data, in particular developing variant interpretation pipelines for monogenic and polygenic disorders.

Examples of what you will work on include:

  • Creating in silico panels to detect rare variants associated with specific monogenic diseases from exome sequencing and whole genome sequencing data to support precision medicine clinical trial matchmaking
  • Creating pipelines to calculate genomic risk scores for individual genotype array and whole genome sequence data files to support research and reports into early detection in complex disease
  • Developing automated quality control pipelines for genotype array and next-generation sequencing data
    • Working closely with software engineers to develop pipelines for generating automated genetic reports for patients and healthcare providers including for clinical applications, and as educational/informational tools


  • Opportunity for significant responsibility in a rapidly growing start
  • Competitive salary
  • Stock options
  • Flexible working opportunities
  • Pension plan
  • 25 working days holiday + 8 bank holidays
  • Family friendly work environment

Please note: We can only accept applications from those eligible to live and work in the UK. We are unable to sponsor visas for this position.

Sano Genetics welcomes applications from all candidates irrespective of age, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief, or marital or civil partnership status.

If this role sounds like your kind of challenge, we’d love to hear from you

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