Visualiation of samtools depth output in a plot

Visualiation of samtools depth output in a plot


Hei everyone,

for my project i did capture sequencing of mulitple individuums. Somehow the depth and coverage is not as high as expected. Now i want to plot the output of samtools depth. Unfortunatly i am not able to write a perfect code, so I thought i ask here for help.
I would like to create via R on the server a histogramm. On the x-axis should be plotted the position in basepairs and on the y-axes the depth. The bins of the x-axis should conclude 1Mbases and at last it would be perfect if each bin shows its mean depth. I allready used samtools coverage but i would like to see also the visualization of samtools depth.
I know it is a big request, but if you can help me i would be very greatful;).
May you can also share here your codes you are using for your visualization.

Thanks a lot






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