Emerson introduces new miniature rocker isolation valve for clinical lab instruments

Emerson ASCO Series 062 rocker isolation valves

Emerson ASCO Series 062 rocker isolation valves [Photo courtesy of Emerson]

Emerson (NYSE:EMR) has launched the ASCO Series 062 rocker isolation valve, designed for hematology and immunoassay analyzers, sample preparation and pre-analytical, as well as DNA sequencing instruments.

The St. Louis, Missouri-based company said the two-way and three-way valves are compact at 16mm, allowing for easy integration into complex fluid-handling manifolds while reducing their footprint, weight and power needs.

“The new ASCO Series 062 valves offer reliable and precise fluid control in a wide variety of analytical instrumentation and medical device applications,” Sven Richter, VP of analytical and medical at Emerson’s Automation Solutions business, said in a news release. “We understand that our original equipment manufacturer customers are under pressure to get products to market quickly, while improving production and cost efficiencies that allow them to succeed in competitive markets. That’s why we bring this new Series 062 product to our customers.”

ASCO rocker isolation valves control neutral and highly aggressive liquids used in nearly any type of analytical instrumentation. Emerson said the easy-to-flush special rocker mechanism, combined with a separating diaphragm, prevents heat transfer to expensive in-vitro diagnostic reagents and eliminates the potential for sticking and clogging of the valve seat. Hermetic separation of the control mechanism prevents particulate contamination caused by the friction of moving parts, ensuring maximum purity of liquid samples.

Emerson said the smaller internal volume of its Series 062 valves reduces contamination risk, maintenance requirements and potential reagent waste. The valve offers pad-mount and barb-fitting mounting options to make installation easier, and its 10 million cycle lifetime increases instrument reliability, the company said.

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