Error in Galaxy using Deseq2 “Error in data.frame(…, check.names = FALSE) :”

Hello everyone
How are things going?

Currently, I am processing ARN-seq data using Galaxy. I would like to observe the differential expression between controls and cases. For that, I follow the following steps:

I did a quality check of my library first (obviously)
Second, I used HISAT2 for reference genome mapping.
Third, I used Stringtie for quantization.
StringTie output there are tabular files in which you can see two columns (gene_id and count)

I don’t know, but when I use Deseq2 for the differential expression and input the tabular files into the application, I get the following error:

Error in data.frame(…, check.names = FALSE) :
arguments imply differing number of rows: 20414, 21980, 21991, 22263, 21480, 20114, 23050, 23557, 22336, 21024, 21702, 21263, 22859, 18976
Calls: get_dese

I hope you please tell me what I am doing wrong or if my input files need to be reviewed.

Note: I am new to using Galaxy and Deseq2

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