Help interpreting my mom’s results from 23andMe, DNAgenic, and GEDmatch : 23andme

23andMe reported my mom as 100% British/Irish. This was a bit surprising as her mother has brown eyes, black hair, and tan/olive skin. I sent her raw data to DNAgenic which reported a 2.8% Indian component. I corroborated this with GEDmatch, every calculator reported a greater South Asian admixture than is common for British/Irish/English/Scottish folks. The amount swinging from 2.8% to 5% greater depending on the calculator.

The Oracle report for her k13 analysis gave 94.5% Scottish and 5.5% Sindhi at a distance of 3.29. Which doesn’t seem to jive with her 100% British/Irish result from 23andMe.

I was wondering if there could be something to this in regards to her mother’s phenotype?

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