There is a problem with the BLASTN xml output

Based on biojava, I personally made and am using something that works with blastN.

I was using the NR and NT DB of v4 locally. However, there was one problem after updating this v5.

I tried to read and xml the pasta file with version 2.11.0 of BLAST+. (This is for Excel parsing.)

It works well in the database of v4, but v5 doesn’t give me the results.

The following are the options I used.

[blastn, , -task, megablast,
-db, db_loc
-query, C:UsersCosmosDesktopreport.fas,
-num_threads, 4,
-num_alignments, 10,
-num_descriptions, 10,
-out, C:UsersCosmosDesktopblast.xml,
-outfmt, 5]

Is there anything I haven’t checked?

I look forward to your advice.

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