What questions do YOU ask during a job Interview? : bioinformatics

Some questions you can ask:
What is the processing for onboarding and training new hires?

What are the current and future goals of the team I am joining?

How does your team ensure the interns and full-time employees are in sync for project deadlines?

If the job description says something like R or Python, you can ask this:
I saw the job description is open to both R and Python programming. Which language does your team rely on more?

Are there opportunities to work on single-cell analysis, variant calling, or any other projects outside the scope of the internship?

Does your organization use preexisting software packages, or do you create your own for internal usage?

Show you took the time to research the org and follow their press releases:
I learned your company recently collaborated with X-organization. How did this come to fruition?

If the organization has employee resource organizations (ERGs):
Your website indicated quite a few ERGs. Which do you recommend for someone interested in X, Y, and Z?

Show interest in the research aspect:
Do your team members participate in journal clubs to discuss novel bioinformatics methodologies and how to apply them to your work potentially?

Good luck, OP!

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