RnBeads Stuck in “STARTED Methylation Value Distributions

RnBeads Stuck in “STARTED Methylation Value Distributions – Sample Groups”


I am trying to run RRBS data on RnBeads, but it gets stuck at “STARTED Methylation Value Distributions – Sample Groups.” I am running Bismark outputs – bismark.cov, and my sample annotation header looks like this.

Sample_ID   description filename_bismark.cov    Passage_NO  Treatment

It runs, and it creates files up to Methylation Value Distributions.
First, I thought that I had too many groups, and I ran it again with BS Minimal with only 2 groups. However, it still gets stuck at the same point. I am running on 16 cores with 32 GB of RAM. I even let it ran for 4 days, but it doesn’t proceed.




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