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Beauty at a molecular level

2022 Calendar: Beauty at a molecular level

2022 PDBe calendar front page

‘Tis the season for the new PDBe calendar! Our calendar for 2022 is now available to view and print – just in time for the New Year.

The PDBe calendar for 2022 is themed ‘Beauty at a molecular level’ and explores concepts around proteins and macromolecular structures across a broad range of topics. All artworks in the calendar were created by students aged 12-18, as part of our PDB Art project, with contributions from students around the world. The project introduces students to protein structures at PDBe, inspiring the creation of artworks that depict these molecules and the themes surrounding them. Each calendar image also has a corresponding description written by the student themselves, highlighting how they drew inspiration from the molecules to create the artwork.

For more information on the PDB Art project visit our dedicated webpage.

You can also download the 2022 PDBe calendar and share these images with friends and colleagues!

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