sqldf : create table from data frame error: “no such table”. and two tables created instead of one

UPDATE: newest versions of RSQLite and sqldf do not have the incompatibility issues addressed by this question
sqldf_0.4-10 RSQLite_1.1-2
work together well – Nathan

All: Thanks to G. Grothendieck for pointers to incompatibility issues introduced by RSQLite 1.1-1. As stated in the comment to the answer, downgrade RSQLite to 1.0.0:


This is indeed a compatibility problem between the current version of RSQLite and the sqldf package. RSQLite is now stricter about the arguments it accepts for dbReadTable(), dbWriteTable() and dbRemoveTable(), warnings will be issued (but only once per session) until sqldf is adapted.

I’ll release a compatibility update soon, there is an issue on GitHub that will contain progress updates.

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