Polish results and gedmatch. I’m really confused about the Iranian bit, especially since gedmach shows even more Caucasian and Middle Eastern dna than 23andme. My results stay exactly the same even at 90% confidence! : 23andme

Nice, do you get any full WANA relative matches? At 1% on 23andMe and it not falling into a trace category, I’d say it’s fairly accurate given that it doesn’t overlap with any of your other ethnic groups.

1% falls between 1/64th and 1/128th, so a 4x or 5x great grandparent at 6-7 generations ago. Might be Tatar or Caucasian?

Regarding GEDmatch, lots of people who are fully European get varying amounts of Non-European on it. Your results aren’t out of the ordinary range on there and it is not to be used as a recent ethnicity breakdown. It is showing you your ancient population make-up.

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