23 & me (reupload) vs GEDmatch results. Anyone know why I have SO much more Mediterranean in GEDmatch than 23&me? : 23andme

I think a lot of these tests are lost in the sauce of how to specifically designate paternal Sephardic/Spanish and Canaanite/Phoenician ancestry. Not necessarily in the OP’s case, but I think if Sephardic and European Jacobite history was interpreted seriously to the extent that some unrelated trade route histories are for ethnicity estimates, it could clarify and account for false positive relatives and trace genetic noise. My own paper trail in America is leading to Sephardic ancestry, while GEDMatch reports 2x more Mediterranean, West Asian, and Iberian than 23&Me does, and it just looks slightly fishy. Basically, for me, many of the GEDMatch calculators match my papertrail more than 23&Me has in every update thus far. My personal take on my own geneaology at this point.

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