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Try to be as detailed as possible. Why do you need it? What data does it use? What should the user experience?

ABI file parser –> read .abi files into JSON. We have chromatogram files. Would be great to be able to view these in the browser.

Some other .abi file parses are out there. Here’s a great example: The authors wrote a script to convert .abi to JSON, and HTML/JS to display the chromatogram in the browser! The conversion script is in Perl and depends on BioPerl. A javascript ABI->JSON converter could potentially be used with their Web-Trace-Viewer code–I believe their license would allow this.

Here is a description of the .abi file format:

Complexity (approx. estimate in dates)

If I were focused on this and not my experiments, I think it might take me a week or so for me to implement. For someone with more experience in Javascript and binary files, I think it could take a few hours.

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