[META] Drop dependency on schemata for something more json:api specific/lighter [#3258301]

Per conversation with a number of api-first maintainers/OGs as reflected on #3258113: [META] Future of Schemata/Compatibility with other ecosystem modules:

@richgerdes: …maybe the openapi side of the house could just work off of the jsonapi_schema system instead and schemata can be left for more general entity schema and rest? I don’t want to duplicate efforts, but at the same time changing either system my complicate things

@e0ipso: Dropping Schemata was one of the main drivers behind splitting openapi in openapi_jsonapi and openapi_rest. If we restrict ourselves to openapi_jsonapi, I believe Schemata should not be used. Sadly, that is still not the case. But instead of adding more onto Schemata, I would invest that effort into moving away from it.

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