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A simple SQLite clone in Rust. This is basically a translation of the C code present on this brilliant tutorial into Rust(not fully idiomatic). This code contains implementation only upto Part 5 in the tutorial.

This a very simple database and is a small project I took up to gain experience with Rust.


Having rustup and cargo should be enough to get this up and running.


  • In the base directory of the repository type the command $cargo run <filename>, the database will be stored in the given file and will also load values(if present) from the given file.

  • Once the program is up and running a prompt db > will appear, there you can execute database commands.

  • Supported commands are(which are only a few!) –

    • .exit – To exit the program.

    • insert <id> <username> <email> – Inserts the given values into the database. The values are persisted on the disk.

    • select – Displays all the rows present in the database.


Documentation of the various modules and functions can be seen by typing $cargo doc --open in the base directory of the repository.


A few simple tests can be run with $cargo test -- --test-threads=1.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

MIT © Prithvi MK

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