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44  const string& driver_name,
47  m_InitTime = x_GetDoubleParam(conf, driver_name, params.m_Initial);
48  m_MaxTime = x_GetDoubleParam(conf, driver_name, params.m_Maximal);
49  m_Multiplier = x_GetDoubleParam(conf, driver_name, params.m_Multiplier);
50  m_Increment = x_GetDoubleParam(conf, driver_name, params.m_Increment);
55  const string& driver_name,
68  if ( value.empty() ) {

string GetString(const string &driver_name, const string &param_name, EErrAction on_error, const string &default_value, const list< string > *synonyms=NULL)

Utility function to get an element of parameter tree Throws an exception when mandatory parameter is …

#define END_SCOPE(ns)

End the previously defined scope.

StringToDouble*(): For decimal point, try both C and current locale.

static double x_GetDoubleParam(CConfig &conf, const string &driver_name, const SParam &param)

Return default value on error.


End previously defined NCBI scope.

static double StringToDouble(const CTempStringEx str, TStringToNumFlags flags=0)

Convert string to double.

const char * m_ParamName2

Parameters initialization model.

double GetTime(int step) const

#define BEGIN_SCOPE(ns)

Define a new scope.


Define ncbi namespace.

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