How to set NotebookApp.iopub_data_rate_limit and others NotebookApp settings in JupyterHub?

Open the command line and enter

jupyter notebook --NotebookApp.iopub_data_rate_limit=1e10

This should start jupyter with the increased data rate.

You have to create config file using this command $ jupyter notebook --generate-config, The answer in this link

04: “IOPUB data rate exceeded” problem of “jupyter low memory..”
in windows:

  1. open cmd:
  2. in main path:C:\Users\siege> (this is my root path)

    type the command: “jupyter notebook –generate-config”

    the you hav: C:\Users\siege>jupyter notebook –generate-config

  3. system will generate “” in

  4. open “” find the line

    #c.NotebookApp.iopub_data_rate_limit = 1000000

    uncomment it and change it to:

    c.NotebookApp.iopub_data_rate_limit = 100000000

  5. save it

  6. restart jupyter

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