Table 5 | Scripting Analyses of Genomes in Ensembl Plants

arabidopsis_thaliana The 1001 Genomes Project [18] arabidopsis_thaliana Nordborg [19] brachypodium_distachyon Jaiswal_lab_OSU [20] hordeum_vulgare International Barley Sequencing Consortium (IBSC) [21,22,23] hordeum_vulgare Ensembl Plants [24] hordeum_vulgare Illumina iSelect SNP chip [22] malus_domestica [25] oryza_glaberrima Glab (OGE) oryza_glaberrima Barthii (OGE) oryza_glumipatula Oryza Genome Evolution (OGE) oryza_indica dbSNP [26] oryza_sativa [27,28,29,30] oryza_sativa (Gramene_QTLdb) [6] oryza_sativa (gramene-marker) [6] oryza_sativa Qtaro_QTLdb [31] solanum_lycopersicum The 150 Tomato Genome ReSequencing Project [32] sorghum_bicolor Morris_2013 [33] sorghum_bicolor Database of Genomic Variants Archive (DGVa) sorghum_bicolor Mace_2013 [34] sorghum_bicolor Sorghum_EMS_mutants [35] triticum_aestivum Markers from Axiom 820K and 35K SNP Array provided (CerealsDB) [36] triticum_aestivum EMS-induced mutation [37] triticum_aestivum Inter-Homoeologous Variants (IHVs) called by alignments of the A, B, and D component genomes triticum_turgidum Markers from Axiom 820K, 35K, iSelect 90K SNP Infinium and TaBW280K Affymetrix array (CNR-ITB) [36, 38] vitis_vinifera CSHL/Cornell [39] zea_mays HapMap2 [40] zea_mays Panzea_2.7GBS

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