Will grinding kaggle help with a university application? : MLQuestions

I have 2 years before I need to apply for uni, and am in a pretty comfortable spot (resumé wise). My grades are good, and I’m doing as much as I can to feed my interest in this field. I have completed ≈ 20 certified courses (relating to ML) on Coursera, and have completed about 8 projects (which “solve” datasets from kaggle). I do write about my approach to these projects in a blog, to make it look better on the resumé. Doing all of this I have earned a scholarship from a prestigious private school nearby, and have been wondering how much more I would need to do in order to get into a “top university”. I have competed in a Digital Playgrounds competition on Kaggle and placed top <5%, and thought that doing this and coming closer to the competition master rank would be beneficial in an application. What should I do, continue doing courses, doing projects for fun, or grinding kaggle? Any suggestions?

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