30 school children vaccinated with just one syringe, vaccinator asks ‘how is this my fault’

In a chilling case of medical negligence, thirty students of a reputed school were administered COVID-19 vaccine using a single syringe in Madhya Pradesh’s Sagar on Wednesday. 

The sheer violation of the established ‘one needle-one syringe-only one time’ protocol took place at the Jain Public Higher Secondary School and the children were vaccinated by vaccinator Jitendra Rai.

The incident came to light when one of the parents, Dinesh Namdev, spotted the anomaly and blew the whistle. 

Namdev, father of a Class 9 girl student, enquired from the man vaccinating the students, asking how many many syringes were being used by him to vaccinate the chilren. 

He was left in shock when the vaccinator told him that at least 30-40 children had been vaccinated with just one syringe. 

“Who will be held responsible, if our kids develop any health complications out of this blatant single syringe usage? Will it be the school or the health department, who will take the responsibility if anything adverse happens with our kids,” Namdev was quoted by The New Indian Express as saying. 

Jitendra said he had been ordered by the “head of the department” to vaccinate all the children with one single syringe. 

“The person who delivered the materials only gave a single syringe,” Jitendra is heard saying in a video recorded on the spot by the anxious parents. He, however, said he did not know her name. 

“I know that. Which is why I asked them if I have to use just one syringe and they said ‘yes’. How is this my fault? I did what I was asked to do,” NDTV quoted Jitendra as saying when he was asked if he was aware that one syringe should not be used to inject multiple people.

An FIR has been lodged against Jitendra for negligence and blatantly violating the Central government’s “one needle, one syringe, one time” pledge. 

A departmental probe has also been initiated against Dr Rakesh Mohan, the District Immunisation Officer who was in-charge of sending the vaccine and the other required materials in the morning.

During the primary on-the-spot inspection and probe by the CMHO, Jitendra was found missing from the school premises and his phone was also switched off. 


Meanwhile, the opposition Congress’ state spokesperson Abbas Hafeez demanded the state health minister Dr Prabhuram Chowdhary’s resignation over the flagrant negligence during the vaccination of children at the school


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